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Dillon Atkins Racing  FROM THE BEGINNING...



The journey began about 17.5 years ago when Dillon  developed a passion for riding, by riding around on his mom’s hoover upright vacuum cleaner as she cleaned. Then it grew into riding in the front yard sitting in front of his daddy on his dad’s motorcycle. His first motorized vehicle was his very own Big Foot motorized truck and he drove it all over the place.

By the time he was 3 he was riding on the go-kart that his daddy and brother Calon (8 at the time) had built when Calon was only 5. It was an alcohol burning go-kart and Calon was quite the driver.
Darin, the boys  dad, taught Calon to weld as they worked together on the project and as Dillon came into the picture, he took right up with the idea.  For Dillon’s brother Calon, the love of vehicles and building projects grew to his love for mini truckin today. 
Calon can work on any vehicle and loves creating new projects and participating in numerous car shows and has won several of them in his category. Dillon’s interests grew towards the speed and motorcycles. The speed aspect came from his dad who drove a 77 Camaro at the drag strip every weekend.
Dad has quite an influence in both boys lives.
Dillon got his firsdillon_pw50.jpgt motorcycle, a PW50, at the age of 5 and began his racing career, starting with motocross.
Dillon raced motocross for about 8 years and is obviously very determined and focused.  He has broken 6 bones and never stopped going back. One particular break in his leg was a spiral fracture and as he was laying in the ER hospital bed, he was asked by his mom and dad if he wanted to stop racing, for a brief moment while in quite a bit of pain he said “maybe”….that lasted about 2 days before hesaid, “when can I ride again?” Needless to say, he never quit.

In the financial aspect of this sport, the family is not a poor family but also is not wealthy either, but they set aside the necessary monies to further Dillon’s passion for this path in life. As you can read in Dillon’s info, he progressed through the years winning championships and moved up to bigger and bigger motocross bikes. He attened the KTM Challenge and the Honda Red Riders race. At the Honda Red Riders Race at Nashville Speedway, Dillon got a taste of Supermoto and his favorite part was the asphalt section.
Seeing that as a possible goal for the future, he began incorporating flat track into his racing
 repetiore. Having a wonderful mentor, Curt Comer, urging him into this form of motorcycling racing was a great incentive and it would be helpful in his motorcross riding career as well. Cross training is very beneficial in every sport. Dillon took well to flat track and continues to participate in local area races to this day.

Racing is not an inexpensive sport but the whole family was determined to support the goals of each member. Darin and Joni owned Distinctive Concrete Designs which they founded after Darin took a voluntary lay-off from Boeing during down sizing of the company. Building the company from scratch, they worked hard to continue funding Dillon’s racing career and God always provided. Since then, the economy taking a dive drove Distinctive Concrete out of business and Darin went back to his first career in CAD Design and mechanical engineering.

Now Darin is employed by SAIC as a Software Design Engineer and works another job at Rolls Royce, to fund Dillon’s racing career.  Between entry fees, motorcycles, safety equipment, maintenance, etc. etc. it takes family support, time, and lots of money to bring up a racer.

 me_singing.jpgFrom the time Dillon started racing until about the time he started road racing, Joni, Dillon’s mom, was always at the races, but due to some physical conditions and al
so her singing career, she is now unable to attend.  So, she homeschools Dillon so that hcan stay on track with his education while still being able to keep the fast paced race schedule.

She also handles having groups pray for Dillon, and all racers, particularly for their safety, while Darin and Dillon are gone to the races, and handles the paperwork end of the business as well as getting things together for the guys before they leave for races. She also does the videography and editing of Dillon's videos and help keep up this site, etc.


Back to the racing aspect; remembering back to the taste of road racing from the Honda Red Riders, in 2007 he was one of the few selected to attend the Red Bull Rookies Cup Evaluations.  He did very well for his first time actually road racing but he was already too tall for the size bikes they were required to ride.
So, in 2009 Dillon decided to pursue his racing career in Road Racing full committment, with a goal of professional MotoGP racer.
His rookie year, 2009, he won 9 Regional Championships and 2 National Championships on his Ninja 250.
He had a brief time of racing a 650 and did very well, and has now moved on to a Yamaha R6 and that brings us….
TO NOW…. AMA Pro Road Racing.