Blog 09/19/11 

Hey, here with an update of what all's been going on.  Really excited to be the new AMA Pro Road Racing Spokesperson for Soldiers' Angels.  We will be doing lots of projects in the near future to help support this organization.  They support and help our troops and their families.  You can read more about them, and us working with them, in the NEWS section, and also in the "Why the Number 911" section on the Home page.  

As for racing this 2011 season, we ended up not getting to race at New Jersey.  We took the long trip from Huntsville, AL to New Jersey and the track was great, and the weather pretty good, but during the 5th lap of the first practice I was in a wreck and high sided over another rider leaving me with my left arm broken in two places...I couldn't race.  So, we made the long trek back home and rested for a few days and then packed up and drove to New York for 9/11 rememberance.  We got to tie ribbons of rememberance on the iron fence around St. Pauls church, visited Ground Zero, and saw the awesome progress they've made in building the memorial and the new "Freedom Tower".  It was an amazing experience with a lot of emotions.  




New York was really cool, the people were nice, and everything was exciting.  Took a subway, bus, taxi, walked, and saw Central Park, Times Square, F.A.O. Shwarz and lots of other historical and awesome sites.  Being with Soldiers' Angels and helping with that effort, helps when remembering the horrible thing that happened.  What an honor to be able to play a small part in helping make our country even better now by supporting our soldiers, and the civilian contractors who work over there to help keep our soldiers safe.  

Keep checking back and I'll keep you posted.  God bless America!! 


P.S. Motul and didn't think we'd leave you out after you sent us ALL those stickers did you??





Blog 08/08/11

Hey, checkin in again.  Looking forward to back to back races the last weekend of this month and the first weekend of next month.  Aug.26-28 at Indy and Sept. 2-4 in NJ.  Had the bike dyno tuned by Dan Marrs of Marrs Performance Motorcycles  He found a few more horsepower and the bike has a lot crisper throttle response.  Also, added Race Tech's new fork extenders for the R6, they add 25 ml to the length, makes the bike transition better, and you can change fork springs without taking the fork caps off.  They look really cool! Here's a pic:


Special thanks to Lenny Albin at Race Tech  suspension specialist for getting it all set up.




Blog 07/09/11

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my first blog on my new website! This time I’m going to talk about my first AMA race ever, it was at Barber! I had a lot of fun.  The weather was very HOT but pretty good over all. It rained several times, but most was while no one was on the track. We had the chance to meet a lot of cool people, like a couple of retired solders who came by to say hey.  I got a picture with those guys!  They were awesome! Thank you guys so much for all the ways you have served our country!!    







       My soldier friends and I

Also there were a couple of guys, Rusty and Charles, that came all the way from the spectator side of the track to see two people:  Elena Myers, and me! That was so cool!  I hung out with those guys for a while. OH! And, the fan walk was s-weet!  All the fans that came by were really cool, and we had them sign one of my “Race Tech” shirts as I signed a poster for them.  The fans are the most important part of what we do because if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do! So, I want their autograph too!

Another amazing thing that meant a lot to me, was the track walk to benefit the tornadoes of April 2011 victims in Alabama.  We live in north Alabama, and though we didn’t have a huge amount of damage in our specific area, I personally want to thank AMA and all the other riders for helping with the rebuilding efforts!  AMA is awesome for doing that!  

Overall, this was a fantastic first race and I am so looking forward to VIR in August!  Hope to see you there!!  God bless!